23nd Reunion will be Branson, MO  OCT 10 Thru 13 2018
Hotel is Savannah House Hotel
165 Expressway Lane
Group Off. 800-335-2555 Call between 8am & 5pm to reserve rooms
with credit card &
ASK for Renee
Sign-up sheets will be posted on google group and on here at a later date
any questions or comments contact webmaster
We have scheduled three shows, two on Thursday 11 Oct 2018 and one on 12 Oct 2018
Show Number one
Oak Ridge Boys
Show Number two
Dailey & Vincent
at The Mansion Theater  just behind Savannah House (Walking distant) Ships
fund is paying for some these 2 shows

Show Number Three

Sight & Sound Theater
Is The bible story of "Sampson" LIVE Show
(Car pool, if we have enough vehicles)

Saturday October 13th will be our Farewell Dinner in the Hospitality Room, will be catered.
Prices and menu will be on sign up sheets
Savannah House
Branson, MO
23rd Reunion